Top 5 Homeowner Money Saving Tips

Finally! The boxes are unpacked, your personal items and furniture are being placed… now what? Well, it’s a great time to look for ways to save money with your new investment.

We have put together 5 Homeowner Money Savings Tips we think you will enjoy:

1. Check/Lower the temperature of your Hot Water Heater: 120 degrees is hot! And most people do not use water that hot of water. In fact, it can actually be scalding to your skin. There is no need to keep your water heater set above 120. Turn it down, save some cash!

2. Keep your Air Filters replaced or cleaned: Even though your AC unit may be new, it still requires periodic maintenance. Filters can be picked up at most big box or home improvement stores and the task is easy. If you opt for a filter that is washable, keep it vacuumed and rinsed clean.

3. Change to LED Lights: LED is the way to go. With modern LED’s, you now have a nice range of light color options from bright white to warm. This can represent significant savings in areas of your home where the light is on constantly.

4. Tax Benefits and Energy Incentives: With a new home and new appliances, there could be many opportunities to benefit from tax credits and energy company incentives. Be sure to check your local laws and energy provider websites for more information to see if you qualify. These savings can often go into the thousands!

5. Make a Home Care Checklist: Keeping your new home maintained can save you money years down the road. Make a checklist of chores, items to inspect and things to be cared for and review your list regularly.