Summer, the time for beach days, picnics and HEAT

As residents of Panama City and Panama City Beach, we know how busy the Summer can be. Businesses are slammed and we become a very busy little community. The Summer heat can also wear you down as you handle all the responsibilities one must attend to. One of those responsibilities is preparing our homes for the Summer time. Heat, rain and bug protection all need some attention as we enter Summer. At Winterfell Construction, we build stunning and strong homes, but no Panama City Beach Builder can prevent you from having to do some periodic maintenance and preparation for the seasons.

However, we have put together a short list of some of the most important Summer home preparation tasks you should give attention to:

Beat the heat with a Summer AC checkup

To deal with the high temps, your homes HVAC system must be running like a top. Hire a professional local residential AC company to provide an inspection to address any issues sooner or later. Of course, on your own you can always keep up with your AC filter maintenance which can often prevent many problems.

Prevention of water damage & storms

If you are on the beach, you are no stranger to water damage. The Panama City area has seen some serious storms and hurricanes over the years. Make sure your gutters and drainage around your home are working as designed. Inspection of your roof, if you are able, is also not a bad idea. Make sure there is no debris build up in the valleys or in areas that could prevent water from running off.

Lay down some bug protection

Bugs love the Summer time it seems! Many bugs go into some form of hibernation when the weather is cooler, but once it warms up, they seem to be everywhere. Step 1, make sure everything is sealed up nicely so bugs cannot enter your home. Step 2, create a bug barrier outside of your home by spraying pesticide around the perimeter of your home. You may also choose to do this inside as well, but do so caution and using the right pesticide for the job. (Read the Labels)