Spring Cleaning, 4 Quick Tips

It’s Spring. The time of year that local Panama City and Panama City Beach homeowners love. The weather is mild, and the water and beaches are beautiful. However, the Spring Breakers signal it’s time to stay inside and get some work done around the house. Just for a few days. Yes, its time for Spring cleaning! Winterfell Construction has 4 spring cleaning tips that will help you make your Spring cleaning just a little easier.

1. Window and Screen Cleaning.

If there is one thing you can count on, its that windows and screens always need to be cleaned. Try using an old piece of carpeting to clean your screens, it can be very effective at removing the dirt. For windows, keep it simple, a soapy rag does the trick, but be sure to dry them with a soft clean rag or use a squeegee (for best results).

2. House Fan Cleaning.

In Florida, we use our fans a lot, and want them to look good and function well. After removing any heavy build-up, use some furniture polish on the blades. This will clean them as well as give off a nice scent. A vacuum extension makes a nice tool for removing the dust bunnies.

3. The Fridge Cleaning.

If you are looking for a deep fridge clean without dangerous chemicals, try salt and soda water. This combination will create a bubbling action with enough safe abrasive power to clean caked on food or spills.

4. Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning.

That kitchen has been working hard an entire year! Your cabinets collect build-up from grease and dust. Wipe your cabinets down with a soft soapy rag or if you have wood cabinets, try a cabinet cream to cut through the dirt and leave the wood moisturized.