Protect Your Home from the Cold

Today is the first day of Winter. Here in the beautiful Panhandle of Florida, we don’t have near the Winter problems as the Northern States but it can hit the freezing mark and has often in the years past. Nonetheless there are some Winter home preparation and maintenance items we should keep in mind. Below are some “winterizing” tips for your Panama City Beach, Florida home.

Yard work, Some love it, some hate it. Winter is a good time to clean out the gutters and trim the trees to ensure they are that touching the house.

Fans, Try reversing the direction of the ceiling fans in your home (clockwise). This will help push the warm air down into the room.

Seal windows and doors, This is on your summer checklist as well. Make sure there is no air coming through which means heat escaping.

Smoke alarms, Winter is generally dryer in Panama City and this increases fire risks. It is a good time to inspect your smoke alarms.

Plumbing, Have a professional inspect your plumbing, especially any exposed exterior pipes. If there is a freeze expected, wrap your pipes.