Hurricane Season Readiness 2017

First Harvey and now the threat of Irma is looming. It’s looking like a tough hurricane season. Being on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we are no strangers to hurricanes and their long-lasting damaging effects. That’s why its good every year to review your readiness to ensure your property and family is protected as much as possible. Winterfell has put together just a few key reminders you will want to take note of.

1. Hurricane Kit:
Create a kit of supplies you can take with you in the case of an evacuation or are forced to stay at home. Don’t be part of the group that needs to rush out into the chaos to gather supplies right before a storm hits. Do some online searches to see what others are packing in their kits. You will find most things you might already have, but just need to be organized into a go-bag.

2. Secure Your Property:
Even if you have insurance, you certainly want to prevent damage to your home and property. After all, dealing with an insurance company to reach settlement at the same time as possibly thousands of others can be a horrible process. Secure loose outdoor furniture, trim trees and shrubs, keep your gutters clear to name a few relatively simple preparation items. If possible, cover all of your windows and doors.

3. Loss of Power:
In a serious storm, there is almost a guarantee power will be lost at some point. If you have a generator, ensure you have plenty of fuel. Keep your bathtub full of water for washing and flushing as it is likely your water may not flow. Be sure you have your cell phones charged and if possible, invest in some affordable emergency phone chargers. Extra cash on hand is never a bad thing either.

This hurricane season, be prepared, and be sure you take official warnings and notices seriously. Be safe!