Fall Lawn Care

Fall in the panhandle is beautiful. The cooler weather means being outside is a real treat.

The moderate weather allows us the opportunity to spend a little more time in the yard improving its health and appearance. But, what should you consider when it comes to Fall lawn care?

Watering Schedule

In Florida, water is essential for a healthy lawn. Though watering might be reduced in Autumn, once or twice a week watering is still needed. A longer duration is also helpful to allow the water to soak into the soil.

Remove Leaves

Be sure to remove leaves fairly quickly after falling. Do this by raking or better yet, mulching them. A mulching mower should shred the leaves enough so that they can be returned to the ground, creating organic matter that enriches and feeds the soil.


This is something some owners prefer and others do not. Ryegrass can be used to overseed a lawn, keeping your lawn greener in the cooler months but dyeing off when it gets warm again. This may also help keep down weeds popping up through bare spots.

Laying Sod

Spring and Fall are excellent times to plant new sod. With the scorching Florida summer heat abated for a while, the new sod has a good change of thriving.

Check your Mowing Height

Often in the Summer, mowing height is raised to prevent stress on the lawn. You could probably lower that a bit in the Fall to give a better appearance and prevent matting down from leaves and debris.

We know as a homeowner, you want to keep your investment looking its best. The lawn is such an essential part of that goal. Follow the above Fall lawn care tips and you will be on the right path to a beautiful yard year-round.