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Mexico Beach Custom Home

Project In-Progress

Custom home construction located in Mexico Beach, FL. by Winterfell Construction, Panama City Beach, FL Contractor.

Fire Station Training Ground

Inlet Beach Custom Home

Project In-Progress

Custom home construction located in Inlet Beach, FL. by Winterfell Construction, Panama City Beach, FL Contractor.

Roofing Types: Which is best for you?

Many are thinking of their roofs this time of year. The tropical storms and hurricanes can put your current roof to the test. If you need a new roof, a big decision to be made is WHAT KIND? To be more specific, this would be deciding on which material to use. In Panama City and in Florida in general, their are the following: Clay Tiles, Metal and Asphalt Shingles. Below is a brief comparison.

Clay Tiles
Able to hold up well to winds over 100mph, tile roofing is a good option for Florida homes. Many offer long warranties such as 30 or 50 years! Clay tiles do give your home a very defined “Coastal” look, so this is something to consider regarding the aesthetics of your choice.

Metal Roofing
Standing seam is the most popular option here. Don’t forget metal, is well…metal, so it is strong and resistant to insects, burning, etc.. Metal roofing boasts a high wind rating of 110mph to 160mph. Metal roofing is quite eco-friendly as the material is 100% recyclable.

Asphalt Shingles
The most popular option, mainly due to affordability. We strongly do not recommend 3-tab in Florida however, due low wind speed tolerance. Architectural grade shingles are rated to withstand wind gusts up 130 MPH or 150 MPH, this makes them a much better choice. Visually, million dollar homes use Asphalt shingles, so they work across the board.

As a local Panama City, Florida roofer, Winterfell Construction is happy to be your guide to selecting the perfect roof for your home.

Hurricane Season Readiness 2017

First Harvey and now the threat of Irma is looming. It’s looking like a tough hurricane season. Being on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we are no strangers to hurricanes and their long-lasting damaging effects. That’s why its good every year to review your readiness to ensure your property and family is protected as much as possible. Winterfell has put together just a few key reminders you will want to take note of.

1. Hurricane Kit:
Create a kit of supplies you can take with you in the case of an evacuation or are forced to stay at home. Don’t be part of the group that needs to rush out into the chaos to gather supplies right before a storm hits. Do some online searches to see what others are packing in their kits. You will find most things you might already have, but just need to be organized into a go-bag.

2. Secure Your Property:
Even if you have insurance, you certainly want to prevent damage to your home and property. After all, dealing with an insurance company to reach settlement at the same time as possibly thousands of others can be a horrible process. Secure loose outdoor furniture, trim trees and shrubs, keep your gutters clear to name a few relatively simple preparation items. If possible, cover all of your windows and doors.

3. Loss of Power:
In a serious storm, there is almost a guarantee power will be lost at some point. If you have a generator, ensure you have plenty of fuel. Keep your bathtub full of water for washing and flushing as it is likely your water may not flow. Be sure you have your cell phones charged and if possible, invest in some affordable emergency phone chargers. Extra cash on hand is never a bad thing either.

This hurricane season, be prepared, and be sure you take official warnings and notices seriously. Be safe!

Inlet Beach Custom Home

Project In-Progress

New Inlet Beach Home, foundation getting ready.

Summer, the time for beach days, picnics and HEAT

As residents of Panama City and Panama City Beach, we know how busy the Summer can be. Businesses are slammed and we become a very busy little community. The Summer heat can also wear you down as you handle all the responsibilities one must attend to. One of those responsibilities is preparing our homes for the Summer time. Heat, rain and bug protection all need some attention as we enter Summer. At Winterfell Construction, we build stunning and strong homes, but no Panama City Beach Builder can prevent you from having to do some periodic maintenance and preparation for the seasons.

However, we have put together a short list of some of the most important Summer home preparation tasks you should give attention to:

Beat the heat with a Summer AC checkup

To deal with the high temps, your homes HVAC system must be running like a top. Hire a professional local residential AC company to provide an inspection to address any issues sooner or later. Of course, on your own you can always keep up with your AC filter maintenance which can often prevent many problems.

Prevention of water damage & storms

If you are on the beach, you are no stranger to water damage. The Panama City area has seen some serious storms and hurricanes over the years. Make sure your gutters and drainage around your home are working as designed. Inspection of your roof, if you are able, is also not a bad idea. Make sure there is no debris build up in the valleys or in areas that could prevent water from running off.

Lay down some bug protection

Bugs love the Summer time it seems! Many bugs go into some form of hibernation when the weather is cooler, but once it warms up, they seem to be everywhere. Step 1, make sure everything is sealed up nicely so bugs cannot enter your home. Step 2, create a bug barrier outside of your home by spraying pesticide around the perimeter of your home. You may also choose to do this inside as well, but do so caution and using the right pesticide for the job. (Read the Labels)

Spring Cleaning, 4 Quick Tips

It’s Spring. The time of year that local Panama City and Panama City Beach homeowners love. The weather is mild, and the water and beaches are beautiful. However, the Spring Breakers signal it’s time to stay inside and get some work done around the house. Just for a few days. Yes, its time for Spring cleaning! Winterfell Construction has 4 spring cleaning tips that will help you make your Spring cleaning just a little easier.

1. Window and Screen Cleaning.

If there is one thing you can count on, its that windows and screens always need to be cleaned. Try using an old piece of carpeting to clean your screens, it can be very effective at removing the dirt. For windows, keep it simple, a soapy rag does the trick, but be sure to dry them with a soft clean rag or use a squeegee (for best results).

2. House Fan Cleaning.

In Florida, we use our fans a lot, and want them to look good and function well. After removing any heavy build-up, use some furniture polish on the blades. This will clean them as well as give off a nice scent. A vacuum extension makes a nice tool for removing the dust bunnies.

3. The Fridge Cleaning.

If you are looking for a deep fridge clean without dangerous chemicals, try salt and soda water. This combination will create a bubbling action with enough safe abrasive power to clean caked on food or spills.

4. Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning.

That kitchen has been working hard an entire year! Your cabinets collect build-up from grease and dust. Wipe your cabinets down with a soft soapy rag or if you have wood cabinets, try a cabinet cream to cut through the dirt and leave the wood moisturized.

Protect Your Home from the Cold

Today is the first day of Winter. Here in the beautiful Panhandle of Florida, we don’t have near the Winter problems as the Northern States but it can hit the freezing mark and has often in the years past. Nonetheless there are some Winter home preparation and maintenance items we should keep in mind. Below are some “winterizing” tips for your Panama City Beach, Florida home.

Yard work, Some love it, some hate it. Winter is a good time to clean out the gutters and trim the trees to ensure they are that touching the house.

Fans, Try reversing the direction of the ceiling fans in your home (clockwise). This will help push the warm air down into the room.

Seal windows and doors, This is on your summer checklist as well. Make sure there is no air coming through which means heat escaping.

Smoke alarms, Winter is generally dryer in Panama City and this increases fire risks. It is a good time to inspect your smoke alarms.

Plumbing, Have a professional inspect your plumbing, especially any exposed exterior pipes. If there is a freeze expected, wrap your pipes.

Fall Lawn Care

Fall in the panhandle is beautiful. The cooler weather means being outside is a real treat.

The moderate weather allows us the opportunity to spend a little more time in the yard improving its health and appearance. But, what should you consider when it comes to Fall lawn care?

Watering Schedule

In Florida, water is essential for a healthy lawn. Though watering might be reduced in Autumn, once or twice a week watering is still needed. A longer duration is also helpful to allow the water to soak into the soil.

Remove Leaves

Be sure to remove leaves fairly quickly after falling. Do this by raking or better yet, mulching them. A mulching mower should shred the leaves enough so that they can be returned to the ground, creating organic matter that enriches and feeds the soil.


This is something some owners prefer and others do not. Ryegrass can be used to overseed a lawn, keeping your lawn greener in the cooler months but dyeing off when it gets warm again. This may also help keep down weeds popping up through bare spots.

Laying Sod

Spring and Fall are excellent times to plant new sod. With the scorching Florida summer heat abated for a while, the new sod has a good change of thriving.

Check your Mowing Height

Often in the Summer, mowing height is raised to prevent stress on the lawn. You could probably lower that a bit in the Fall to give a better appearance and prevent matting down from leaves and debris.

We know as a homeowner, you want to keep your investment looking its best. The lawn is such an essential part of that goal. Follow the above Fall lawn care tips and you will be on the right path to a beautiful yard year-round.